Lay In Tin Ceiling Installation
Tools needed: lay-in style tin ceiling panels, tape measure, graph paper, wall angles, suspension wires, main tees, cross tees, studs, nails

1. Plan your suspended ceiling installation
Obtain the exact measurements of the room in which you are installing your new tin ceiling (a tape measure can be used for this). Using a piece of graph paper, plot out the precise dimensions of the room. All tin ceiling tiles from Tin Ceiling Xpress measure 2’ x 2’, making it easy to plot out how many tin tiles you will need to purchase in order to cover your ceiling. Be sure to purchase a small amount more tile than you will actually need, to account for any installation difficulties.

2. Install wall angles around the room’s perimeter
Use a level to draw a line around the room. The line should be perfectly parallel to the floor and should be drawn at least 3” or 4” below the room’s existing ceiling to allow for proper clearance.

Taking your time, attach the wall angles to the wall by nailing them to studs. Ensure that the bottom flange of each wall angle rests on the line you have drawn around the room’s perimeter.

3. Hang suspension wires to hold main tees
Stretch a tight line from the top of the wall angle at each position where you plan to install the main tees. Trim your suspension wires to the proper length, ensuring they are 12” longer than the distance between the old ceiling and the string you stretched to indicate the main tees. Install the first suspension wire for each main tee immediately above where the first cross tee meets the main tee. Fasten the suspension wires to the ceiling using screw hooks or nails.

In this manner, install a suspension wire every 4’. Be sure to stretch each wire to eliminate kinks and make a 90 degree bend where the suspension wire meets the level line.

4. Install the main tees
Determine the distance between the wall and the first cross tee. Measure this distance long the main tee’s top flange and find the slot immediately beyond this point. From here, measure back the same distance, subtract ⅛” to account for the thickness of the wall angle, and use a saw to cut the main tee at this point.

In this manner, install the main tees to be level with the wall angles already installed.

5. Install cross tees
Push the ends of the cross tees into the slots of the main tees to install them into your developing grid. Install the cross tees every 2’ to account for the measurements of the tin ceiling tiles you are installing.

6. Install your tin ceiling tiles
Install your new drop ceiling by lifting each tile into the lay in grid, aligning them, and allowing them to fall into place.

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