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Wednesday 07 June, 2017
Tin ceiling has arrived today.
Great! !
I really like the finish of Lincoln copper.
Even so amazing heavy! !
Attach it to the ceiling of my barbershop.
Construction will send a photo if you have the end.
Nail of service I was very happy.
This time, thank you very much.

Tsutomu S
Testimonial By: Tsutomu S
Friday 13 May, 2016
All the pieces I ordered have arrived. They are in good shape.

thank you
Sam Humphrey
Testimonial By: Sam Humphrey
Monday 02 June, 2014
First I will start off with the fact that I am in Canada, the tiles came really fast. I also forgot to add the nails, they added some for me... No charge! The service was the best I've had in a long time. The tiles are beautiful! Now for my project... I have always wanted tin tiles in some way or another... I also hate my kitchen an wanted a backsplash. I am a woman with no skill for cutting ext. I cut, painted and installed these myself. It did not take me 4 hours as the youtube video I found on installing them said... But most of my time was in painting, and the company sells beautifully painted tiles, just not the colour I wanted. I have yet to seal the edges with silicone, not sure how well I will do at that part, but the overall job is done. I love it! I ordered 12 tiles and have 2 complete left over and a bunch of cut offs that I plan to use in my bathroom for a little backsplash
I have pictures if you would like to see, but I can't figure out how to attach them here
Testimonial By: Nicole Tyler — Keswick, ON, Canada
Monday 21 April, 2014
I absolutely love your tin tiles. We are re-doing our kitchen and purchased the Small Floral. We are using them for a backsplash. They have really changed the look in our kitchen from dated to looking fabulous!
Testimonial By: Julie Boone — Nescopeck, PA, United States
Tuesday 08 April, 2014
Pix of Rosebud tiles
We just completed the total renovation and redesign of our Delray Beach, FL condo. The finishing touch was the beautiful tin ceiling insert...
Hope you enjoy these pix.

Sheri Weiner
Testimonial By: Sheri Weiner